Why We Chose To Carry Calvin and Hobbes Books

Why We Chose To Carry Calvin and Hobbes Books

The Mercantile Carries Calvin & Hobbes Books

Calvin & Hobbes

As a kid I remember sneaking my aunt’s copy of Something Under The Bed Is Drooling - Calvin and Hobbes from her room. At the age of 7, I became an avid fan! Reading about the adventures of Calvin and Hobbes, and other times baffled by concepts of philosophy and life in general that I did not yet grasp.

As an adult, I appreciate that Calvin and Hobbes tackle topics of gender inequality and environmental issues.

As an artist, I love that Watterson “became the youngest cartoonist ever to receive a National Cartoonists Society’s Reuben Award—the industry’s highest honor.”^

When we decided to carry books at The Mercantile, Watterson’s Calvin & Hobbes collections was the first thing on my mind. We’re thankful to bring these books that both kids and adults can enjoy to others!

Calvin and Hobbes Books Carried At The Mercantile


“The first book collection of the classic and beloved Calvin and Hobbes comic strip!

"Most people who write comic dialogue for minors demonstrate surprisingly little feel for--or faith in--the original source material, that is, childhood, in all its unfettered and winsome glory. It is in this respect that Bill Watterson has proved as unusual as his feckless creations, Calvin and Hobbes. Watterson is the reporter who's gotten it right; childhood as it actually is."--Garry Trudeau, from the Foreword

This is the first collection of the classic comic strip that features Calvin, a rambunctious 6-year-old boy, and his stuffed tiger, Hobbes, who comes charmingly to life. Filled with a mix of Watterson's standard and full-page Sunday strips, this collection is sure to please fans and newcomers alike.”


The Authoritative Calvin and Hobbes, is a large-format treasury of the cartoons from Yukon Ho! and Weirdos from Another Planet! (including full-color Sunday cartoons) plus a full-color original story unique to this collection. Millions of readers have enjoyed the tremendous talent of Bill Watterson. His skill as both artist and writer brings to life a boy, his tiger, and the imagination and memories of his ardent readers. The Authoritative Calvin and Hobbes picks up where The Essential Calvin and Hobbes left off. Bill Watterson"s Calvin and Hobbes remains the authority on humor.

Stop into Rock Hill’s best gift store, The Mercantile, today to purchase your own Calvin and Hobbes books.