Valentine's Flowers Starting At $19.99 | Valentine's Day 2019

Valentine's Flowers | Valentine's Day 2019

Let us tell you a story about Bob.

Last Valentine’s Day, Bob was feeling frisky. He walked into a bright pink store to pick out something skimpy… That’s when things started to go wrong.

The pink-store’s selection was picked over, the best skimpy things were only available in XXL and XS. Unbeknownst to Bob, his wife is a Medium. Bob made a grevious error, he grabbed the XXL. During the evening’s Valentine’s Day celebration, Bob gave his wife her skimpy gift. Bob’s wife happily opened her bright-pink bag, her eyes lite up, and then they went red. Bob’s night didn’t end as he wanted.

Don’t be like Bob. Flowers fit anyone.

Be better than Bob. be hero. Pre-order your Valentine’s Day flowers today.


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