The Real Reason Everyone Loves TwistedWares Towels

The Real Reason Everyone Loves TwistedWares Towels

Spoiler Alert: It’s not the foul language

The creator of Twistedwares is a mother of three boys. After cleaning her kitchen for the _00th time that day, one of her boys ran through and inadvertently yanked her dish towel down to the dirty floor.

…her son constantly pulling down the towel was just the push she needed to take back her power AND create a product that she knew would resonate with moms and dads everywhere.

“If I couldn’t control my life in the moment, I was damn well going to control the towel,” she says. And Twisted Wares was born. The Hang Tight Towel loop design allows for your towel to be used as you would any towel, and it will stay put when you want it to without buttons, Velcro, or snaps.


Here at The Mercantile, TwistedWares towels are a best-seller, and while yes, there is plenty of foul language featured on some of their best sellers, these gag gifts offer a practical edge that other tea towels do not!

Browse the foul-mouthed bar and kitchenware below, at your own risk.