Small Business Feature On Get Local SC

The Mercantile: Small Business Feature On Get Local SC

We’re so excited to have a small business feature on Get Local, SC. If you’re not familar with Get Local, SC, we know you’ll love them as much as we do! Get Local, SC was developed to help people learn more about and connect with their local community and businesses. Justin and his team shed light on the many talented people in our community who are pursuing their passion and sharing their ideas through a family owned business.

Learn more about The Mercantile today and meet our CMO, Stefanie Morris on this new video from Get Local, SC. Here’s what Get Local, SC has to say:

We are excited to introduce you to our friends at The Mercantile by Copper Dwelling & Design. They have brought a unique store to the Rock Hill area that offers great items for the home, fresh flowers that you can make into your own special arrangement, children's books and apparel, and SO much more! This is truly a unique store operated and owned by people who love and invest in their own community. We hope you enjoy the video and we hope you enjoy getting to know our friends at @themercantilebycdd. ⁣⠀