Meet Our Crew

Meet The Staff At The Mercantile

Meet Our Crew

We realized that we failed to introduce you to the staff here at The Mercantile. Since opening on Black Friday, we’ve grown so much. We’re excited to introduce our amazing staff to you.


Brittany & Michael Kelly established The Mercantile as a headquarters for their main company, our parent company, Copper Dwelling & Design.

You may find these two in the store on a Saturday or Sunday; we’re a start-up after all… That being said, they’ve designed The Mercantile to run like a well oiled machine no matter if they’re on the sales floor or not.

If you stop in to tell them hey, leave a note with our sales staff—we all love getting encouraging notes. (We promise that he/she will pass it on to Brittany &/or Michael!)


Assistant to the Regional Director of Vice-Chair Operations

aka Store Manager

Stacey W.

Stacey has a knack for making friends with everyone who walks into the store. She brings energy and personality to the store while keeping up with our daily operations. Need help finding a gift, she’s your lady. Want to know someone’s family connection to Rock Hill, Chester, Lancaster, or Kershaw—she’ll know. Need someone to talk to—she’s the best!

You may often hear owner Michael mention that she’s working here as part of her work-release-program. Don’t listen to Michael…okay, maybe listen to him.


Technical Designer

Angel O.

Angel is the Technical Designer for our parent company, Copper Dwelling & Design where she handles our kitchen and bathroom remodels. She gracefully helps us design the technical aspects behind Brittany & Michael’s store-display ideas and happily applies years of sales experience when she graces us with her presence on the sales floor. She’s excellent at helping customers and even better at helping us execute our crazy-big schemes.


Assistant to the Assistant to the Regional Director of Vice-Chair Operations

aka Sales Associate

Erin A.

Erin’s bubbly personality and innate ability to connect with anyone makes her an ideal fit here at The Mercantile. She’s hip, well-traveled, and always fun to work with! Need more information about a product, she knows it. Need suggestions on the best gift to give, she’ll know.


Chief Everything Officer

aka CMO, reluctant CFO, Head Flower-Keeper, and Chief Business Strategist

Stefanie M.

Stefanie lets us know where we’re going and how we’re going to get there. Have a marketing question, she’s your contact. Want a donation, she’s your lady. Want to partner with The Mercantile, she’ll let you know if it’s a good fit. Interested in being a vendor, apply on the website. Need a Big @$# custom flower arrangement—she can make it happen.

You’ll usually hear her upstairs patiently listening to Brittany’s latest scheme and evaluating it for PR opportunities.

Mary Kelly

Executive Nail-It-up Officer

aka Sales Associate

Mary K.

Michael’s mom Mary works with us throughout the week. She’s routinely found balancing precariously at the top of ladders while installing our newest products. Grace is not her middle name…if we drop what we’re doing to hold the ladder for her, you now know why. Mary brings years of sales experience to The Mercantile after working in furniture sales in Texas. Mary often paints and refinishes furniture for our parent company, Copper Dwelling and Design. Have a Tootsie-roll you need help eating, she’s your go-to-gal! Need help pulling your favorite home decor items to create a beautiful space—Mary’s the best!


Assistant to the Assistant to the Regional Director of Vice-Chair Operations

aka Sales Associate

Jamee M.

Jamee’s worked as a Sales Associate since we opened our doors on Black Friday. As a native Rock Hill-ain, Jamee’s your best bet for inside information on what to do in the area, where to grab the best dinner, which food trucks are the best, and what products make the best gifts!


Back-of-House, Make-it-Happen Manager

aka Physical Project Supervisor

Jarrett B.

If you’ve been in the store during a new-project build, you’ve probably heard Jarrett say to Brittany & Stefanie, “Hey Boss Ladies, what’ y’all need me to do?”

Brittany dreams it up, Angel sketches out the technical details, and Jarrett makes it happen, even after Michael tells us no.

We want a new display built, …he’s our guy. We need new lights hung, he’ll drive the lift and install them. Need our warehouse tightened up, he’s it! This man makes $#@% happen for us.


not pictured/pictured…

Head Ghost-In-Charge

aka the nice ghost

Ed Fewell

Ed is an older gentleman who was the original owner of the Warehouses on White, which was known as the Edward Fewell Cotton Co.

He is our nice ghost who paces up and down the right-side of our building. He’s the “nice ghost” but let’s not disturb him. Kids often mention that they feel someone hanging out at the lego table—we think Ed’s planning the construction of his next project.