Brittany's Top 5 Favorite Mother's Day Gifts

Top 5 Favorite Mother's Day Gifts

Mother’s Day Gifts At The Mercantile

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When we asked our owner, Brittany to write this post, we knew she’d have a hard time picking favorite Mother’s Day Gifts. In her defense, she’s our primary buyer so everything at The Mercantile is something she loves.

Brittany says, “To pick out my favorite items in the store is hard. I truly buy things for the store that I love, but if I had to pick out my top 5 items they would be Wet It-Swedish Cloths, Mother’s Butter, Paddywax Candles, Savannah Bee Honey Comb, and Possom Hollow Farm Soaps.”

Read more about why she picked each of these Mother’s Day gifts for her top 5 favorites…

  1. Wet It Swedish Dish Cloths

    Wet It- Swedish dish cloths that can be washed in the dishwasher or washing machine and last months!

  2. Mother’s Butter

    This oh so delightful Shea Butter smells so amazing and doubles as an SPF. Bonus- it’s made locally!

  3. Paddywax Candles

    I’m a freak about Amber & Smoke as well as Tobacco & Patchouli. It’s the first thing I light when we have company over.

  4. Savannah Bee Honey Comb

    In the food department I can’t put down, although I should, the Savannah Bee Honey Comb. This paired with goat cheese and crackers is a favorite when entertaining.

  5. Possom Hollow Farm Soaps

    I absolutely love our beautifully packaged soaps by Possum Hollow Farm Soaps. The grit in them exfoliates and you smell the amazingness on yourself all day long!