A How-To-Tie Guide From Bandits Bandanas

A How-To-Tie Guide From Bandits Bandanas

Style Bandanas Your Way

Original source, BANDITS Bandanas.

For the past few months, I’ve been out spreading the word about BANDITS and telling everyone I can that they deserve a better bandana, a BANDITS bandana. The responses have been great - people love the original designs, the soft feel, and the support of charities around the world. One response I’ve gotten more than anything, though, is one that originally had me a bit perplexed.

I couldn’t believe how many people told me “I love the bandanas, I love the brand, but I just don’t know how to wear them.” It took me a few times to realize it, but these people needed my help! How could I let someone miss out on the joys of a soft, breathable, BANDITS bandana for something as trivial as not knowing how to wear it? So, I decided to do something about it. 

With help from my amazing and talented friends Larissa (model) and Ian (photographer) – I’ve created this handy how-to-tie guide for the 7 most popular bandana styles. Now no one has to go bandana-less again!    

1. “The French Way” aka “The Neck Scarf” aka “The Sailor”

Bicycling to the bakery for baguettes? Strolling for shells on the shore? No matter the alliterative adventure, this sophisticated style is a sure-fire stunner!

BANDITS loves this look with the muted, desert-safari vibes of the “Sirens” bandana created by Cape Town, South Africa design team MUTI. It pairs perfectly with almost any outfit; and since doing good is always in style you’ll be happy to know that 10% of proceeds from “Sirens” go to Save the Rhino International – helping them to protect endangered Rhinos and continue their fight against illegal Rhino poaching in Asia and Africa.     


Step 1: Fold in Half Diagonally            

Step 2: Fold Corner to Long Edge        

Step 3: Roll Up from Short Edge 


Step 4: Tie a Knot on Neck              

Step 5: Add a 2nd Knot if Desired          

Step 6: As the French say, “Fin”

 Click The Image Below To Buy "Sirens" by Studio MUTI and help to support Save The Rhino International:

2. “The Rosie the Riveter” aka “The Pinup” aka “The Tupac”

If you checked out my earlier blog post on Bandana History you already know that this iconic style was first made popular by a WWII-era poster featuring the character now commonly known as “Rosie the Riveter.” The poster, featuring “Rosie” with a red polka-dot bandana tied on top of her head, encouraged working women on the home front that “We Can Do It!

Though rooted in powerful feminine imagery, this same style was made iconic all over again by immortal rapper Tupac Shakur in the time leading up to his death the mid 1990’s.

Our classic red “Sleepy Barong” bandana, designed by Indonesian artist Muvvi, seemed an appropriate choice for this versatile style. Learn how to tie it up below and show the world that you’re a style icon with a heart – 10% of sales from “Sleepy Barong” are donated to Muvvi’s chosen charity SOS Children’s Villages Indonesia. It’ll brighten your outfit and help SOS to brighten the day of an orphan or at-risk kid.      



Step 1: Fold in Half Diagonally   

Step 2: Fold Corner to Long Edge 

Step 3: Roll from Short Edge


 Step 4: Tie a Front Knot   

Step 5: Add a 2nd Knot if Desired   

Step 6: Picture me Rollin’

3. “The Biker” aka “The Brett Michaels” aka “The Prison Mike”

Nothing says “badass” quite like a bandana worn in this edgy, in-your-face style. It evokes images of bikersburnt-out rockers, and even blissfully ignorant bosses. Though this style probably had its heyday in the early 2000’s – it’s one that definitely seems poised for a comeback.

We decided to soften up this look a bit with our “Báalam” bandana designed by Cancún, México – based artist Minerva GM. Don’t let the tropical colors and border of busty beauties fool you, this design helps to support arguably the baddest bunch of young people south of the border. 10% of proceeds from “Báalam” are donated to Techo and its army of young volunteers – working their butts off to fight poverty and provide disaster relief to some of the hardest hit regions across Latin America. It’s easy to tie up and even easier to support a great cause – now that’s BADASS!


Step 1: Fold in Half Diagonally, Place on Head as Shown       


Step 2: Tie (B) & (C) in a knot

Step 3: Slide (A) under the knot  

Step 4: Time for danger!     

4. “The Karate Kid” aka “The Hendrix” aka “The Willie” 

This easy-going style is the one I wear most often, and the one that inspired me to create BANDITS in the first place (check out the “BANDITS Begins” blog post for more on that story). It holds hair, sunglasses, writing instruments, and more all while giving off and anti-establishment attitude!

This style has been seen on everyone from rockers to rappershippies to heartthrobs. Most famously, it has become a staple of Country Music Hall of Famer (and perhaps the longest tenured advocate for Marijuana legalization) Willie Nelson. In honor of Willie, BANDITS is rollin’ up the Western-inspired “Earth Chase” bandana designed by Madrid, Spain – based artist Pedro Oyarbide. I think Willie would agree that it supports a very worthy cause – 10% of proceeds from “Earth Chase” are donated to 350.org helping them to fight climate change and advocate for clean energy for all. 


Step 1: Fold Diagonally 

Step 2: Fold in ½ to Long Edge

Step 3: Fold in ½ both ways       

Step 4: Fold in ½ again


Step 5: Tie a back knot  

Step 6: Tie a 2nd knot if desired     

Step 7: Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be BANDITS

5. “The John Wayne” aka “The Cowboy” aka “The Neckerchief”

As bandana styles go, it doesn’t get more quintessentially western than this one. This style came to define the heroes of Hollywood westerns in the late 1940’s and 1950’s. “Good Guy” cowboys, chief among them John Wayne, were often shown wearing the neckerchief style while “Bad Guy” Outlaws were portrayed wearing bandanas over their mouths to hide their faces (see #7 below).

With its classic navy blue color, horseshoe-centric pattern, and mysterious, soft spoken message, “Good Luck” by Kansas City designer Ben Kocinski is the perfect design for this style. You’ll feel as noble as the Duke himself knowing that 10% of proceeds from “Good Luck” are donated to reStart KC helping to feed, shelter, and support the homeless population of Kansas City, MO.


Step 1: Fold in Half Diagonally  

Step 2. Fold Long Edge Over 1-2 Inches


Step 3: Tie Long Edge Around Neck

Step 4: Tie a Knot as Desired  

Step 5: Ride Like the Wind!

6. “The Wrist Wrap” aka ‘The Tourniquet” aka “The BANDITS Bracelet”

Do you love the look of BANDITS bandanas, but prefer your accessories below the shoulders? There’s a style for that too! Use any of BANDITS artist-designed bandanas as simple wrist wrap to add flair to a whole range of hand gestures – high fives, peace signs, even middle fingers. Add one to a bevy of bracelets, or rock all 7 designs up both arms, just do YOU! 

The wrist wrap style is great for long, sweaty days of hiking through the breathtaking landscapes of southern Utah. You’ll feel even better wiping your brow with “Got Snaked” by Santa Barbara, CA designers Alex and Zack Suhadolnik. 10% of proceeds from “Got Snaked” are donated to the Bears Ears Coalition aiding in their ongoing fight to protect Native American tribal land in Utah, specifically the are known as the Bears Ears National Monument.


Step 1: Fold Diagonally 

Step 2: Fold in ½ to Long Edge 

Step 3: Fold in ½ Both Ways   

Step 4: Fold in ½ Again


Step 5: Wrap 2 Times Around Wrist

Step 6: Tie a Knot to Secure   

Step 7: Work Ya Wrist!

7. “The BANDIT” aka “The Outlaw” aka “The Facemask”

It’s finally time for BANDITS favorite bandana style of them all. It’s the style that inspired the name, the logo, and the motto of the brand. Despite its criminal connotation, “The BANDIT” isn’t all about revolvers and robbing banks. It’s about doing what you love, staring down danger, living a life of adventure, and never being tied down to anyone’s expectations.  


Step 1: Fold in Half Diagonally   

Step 2. Fold Long Edge Over 1-2 Inches


Step 3: Tie Knot on Back of Head  

Step 4: Tie a 2nd Knot to as Desired       

Step 5: Be a BANDIT!

Congratulations, you now have a bunch of badass bandana styles in your adventure arsenal! I know your BANDITS bandana will look great in any of these styles or however you want to wear it! Be sure to head to banditsbandanas.com to learn about all of the artists, designs, and charities in the BANDITS collection!